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perspective quote

“Perspective – a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view”

Hay is baled and delivered with some put up in the barn, but not without a few delays from weather and equipment.  But, if it went too smoothly, it wouldn’t be farming, right? We are SO excited to have a year with hand line irrigation vs the flood irrigation we have always done.  Last year we were dependent most of the year on rainfall, as we did not get the system in until late July.  This year will be the first year we have sprinklers all season.

putting things in perspective
Our 2019 Hay Inspector Putting Things In Perspective

Except, the electric motor on the irrigation pump won’t start.  After ordering water from the irrigation district and priming the system, the motor didn’t fire up the pump.  After a few phone calls and troubleshooting, it was confirmed to be a motor issue and not a pump issue.  The unit was loaded into the pickup and the irrigation supply company we purchased the unit from last year is working on getting the motor repaired as quickly as possible. 

An unexpected delay, as we have not had the system up for a year yet.  It was a real disappointment as we are really looking forward to seeing the difference in our hay condition and yields of second and, hopefully, third cuttings.

Plans for the weekend were quickly becoming less than anticipated.  Saturday morning was spent dealing with the pump, the weather was windy, cool and damp, and time was slipping away.  It was a weekend with family and friends, that we had really looked forward to! 

Our home is small, so our daughter and her family stayed at my parent’s house and our friends stayed with us.  A very good friend and his father were on their way to Central Montana to help another friend of theirs with hay season, and they took the time to stop and spend a couple nights with us.  We have known them for a long time and through the years, our families spent a lot of time on soccer and softball fields with our daughters.  They have seen some tragedy the last couple of years, but I am buoyed by their gratitude and the positive attitude it has taken them to rise above the major setbacks and heartbreaking health issues that have beset this kind, loving family.

Amidst our agricultural crisis, and the disappointment of weekend plans going awry, I fell into a discussion with this dear friend and he said something that will resonate with me forever.  He said, “what I have learned is that most things are not a problem, they are an inconvenience.”  It got me thinking.  Many of the things that happen in our everyday life that trip us up are merely inconveniences.  This family has been on a multi-year adventure through medical science as they stand by the side of one of the happiest, fun-loving young ladies I know, their daughter.  She was diagnosed with cancer and through the grace of God, a helping hand from science and a resiliency like I have not seen, she is emerging victorious.  Her cancer was a problem.  Everything else is merely an inconvenience.  I appreciate the new perspective, and going forward, will tackle the inconveniences with a little more gratitude that they are not a problem.