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Pasture fed and lightly grain finished in a stress-free environment

About Our Cattle

Our cattle are purchased from a herd we are well acquainted with here in the Mission Valley.  Being the calves of happy cows and good bulls, we know the quality of the calves when we bring them to our farm.  They come to us good-natured, and we usually are with them at some point every day.   This mellow disposition and comfort with humans and dogs, allows the cattle to be raised in a virtually stress-free environment.  Stress in cattle can lead to a less nutritional quality in the meat, and here at BarbedWire Land, we raise healthy and delicious Montana grown beef.


A Day in the Life

The cattle are moved through a rotational grazing program where they feast on grasses, clovers, and legumes.  They lazily chew the forage, but are always eager to join us at the fence for some hand-held grasses, because, you know, the grass is always greener on the other side!  We move them through the pastures, allowing enough remaining forage to grow back before the cattle return to the pasture in about 4 weeks.  During irrigation season, they enjoy the hand line sprinklers, and on hot days will stand where they can enjoy a light spray!  As fall arrives, and the days get cooler, we lightly offer grain to the cattle.  They continue to graze during this time, but get a little “dessert” each evening!  This light graining gives our beef a flavorful, tender texture without adding heavy fat or marbling.  Take it from someone who despises fat (drives my husband nuts!), I look forward to one of our juicy steaks on the grill!


How We Sell Beef

Beef is ready in the fall.  We prefer to sell by the half, as it keeps costs down for our customers.  Having to handle the quarters is additional work, so we encourage anyone who wants a quarter to purchase a half from us and split it with a friend or relative!  Beef is sold by the pound at hanging weight.  The cost to cut and package the meat is paid directly to the butcher when our customers pick up their beef.   He is also located in the Mission Valley.


Are you interested?

If your mouth is watering now, and you would like to inquire about our Montana grown beef, please fill out your contact information and we will get right back to you!